Monday, May 13, 2013

How to fix the Spotify android app white screen problem

Since the last update to the Spotify Android application many users have been reporting a white screen when trying to launch the app. This problem seems to be caused by the app not closing when you return to the home screen. For some reason the app is unable to relaunch using this existing instance and tries to start a new one which leads to the white screen. This has been a long term problem for Spotify and seems to crop up on a new range of handsets with each upgrade to the app. This time it seems to be the HTC Desire HD that is mainly affected. Until Spotify decide to issue an update that corrects this issue here are instructions for fixing it.

If the white screen appears:

  1. Press the home button.
  2. Open your list of apps.
  3. Launch "Task Manager" and give it a few seconds to display all the current processes.
  4. Find the Spotify process and click on the X next to it.
  5. Now start the Spotify app.

In most cases this will fix it. If it does not launch try killing the process again and relaunching the app.

To speed up this process you could add an icon for the Task Manager app next to the spotify icon on your home screen.