Friday, March 1, 2013

Sparx Cornet Mouthpiece Review

My cornet mouthpiece history is very short. For many years I played on a Wick 2, followed by a year or so on a Monette 1-5FL, then a brief attempt at playing on a Wick 4 and a McCann before returning to the 2. Then when I joined my current band I decided I needed some help with stamina and changed to a Curry 1.5BBC. Although its a very good mouthpiece, and I would still recommend it, it isn't quite deep enough to give the richness of tone I need in the lower register on my Sovereign cornet.

I did some research and came across the Sparx mouthpieces. I went ahead and ordered a "2" which has a similar size rim to my 1.5C trumpet mouthpiece. It arrived surprisingly quickly from Canada and I have started using it. I had originally intended switching in a month or so, but the feel and blow was so similar to the Curry that I found switching too difficult.

Some of the things I have noticed so far:

  • Very supportive in the upper register without feeling too tight.
  • The effort required between intervals is very even across the range.
  • My cornet is more in tune with itself across the range and at different dynamics.
  • A general improvement in intonation.
  • Able to back off more and use less effort to make the instrument speak resulting in a bit more stamina.

Its a big mouthpiece so it it's never going to do screamy high notes, but top C entries are still solid.

The Sparx is expensive to import to the UK, but it seems worth it for the benefits . Does anyone else use one and have any comments?

Here are a couple of home recordings:

Ye Servants of God (hymn tune: Laudate Dominum)


Bring Him Home