Friday, September 2, 2011

So Napoleon was abducted by aliens - yeah right...

A story is doing the rounds on the Internet this week claiming that a Dr. Andre Dubois of France found an alien micro chip inside the skeleton of french emperor Napoleon. The source of this story is Weekly World News of 11th August 2011 under the headline "Alien chip in Napoleon's skull" complete with a picture of the removed chip:

However, this story first appeared in Weekly World News 8 Apr 1997 with the doctor named as Dr Antoin Lefebvre complete with a picture of the good doctor pointing at a laboratory skeleton:

Click here to see a scan of the 1997 article.

The image of the chip in the latest version of the story is the same image as used in this article on the BBC News web site from 2004 which is about the US company Applied Digital’s Verichip technology. This is commonly used for pet tagging, but may be extended for human use:

Its interesting that a large proportion of web pages using versions of that chip image (as found through a reverse image search) are about Christian “end times”, “rapture” or “prophecy” issues. This is another example of the close link between Christian fundamentalism and conspiracy theorists which I have written about previously.