Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My BMW Mini review - one year on.

I have had my Mini One for just under a year now and its alerting me to its first service.  I thought I would comment on how I have found it over the past year.

  • Very economical (I am achieving 53 miles per gallon).
  • It has been totally reliable.
  • Fast enough even though its only the 1.4.
  • It drives quite well in snow and ice and the heated windscreen is a big help in the frost.
  • Bluetooth hands free for the mobile phone is very good.
  • In car audio works well, especially the USB audio facility.

  • Suspension is harder than I am used to.
  • No spare wheel - instead they supply a compressor and a container of tyre weld.
  • The doors have no tops and the glass does not engage with the roof if its icy.
  • A weird rattle caused by the "binnacle" bit of the dashboard rattling.
  • Dashboard is too deep. Can barely reach glass from driving position.
  • Lack of rear leg room, possibly caused by very deep dashboard.

Overall its a good car, but the lack of spare wheel and lack of leg room in the back is annoying and unnecessary as the original Austin Mini had a spare wheel and more leg room even though it was smaller. BMW are assuming that you will be near somewhere where you can get the damaged tyre repaired. I worry that it will be damaged while I am driving in the country and its too much damage for the tyre weld to cope with or the tyre weld repair fails before I can get to a garage. The dashboard is very odd.

Overall 7/10