Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Potted Biography

Born in Edinburgh in 1967 ,the result of a fling between my mother and a much older man, after which she ran away from London on the first train north. A half brother and three half sisters turned up later.

Adopted and brought up in Stirling, with considerable time spent in Fife in the family caravans.

Worked for Dixons for a short time when I left school.

Then to college for an HND in Communication Studies and on to a job working for the RNIB where I did everything from emptying collecting boxes to travelling the country smashing out Basil Brush's teeth with a hammer (after some kid detached them and choked on them).

Then to university to read Divinity (this didn't work as I am now an atheist).
Got married while a student and have three children.

Then back to the voluntary sector and head of fundraising with various charities.
Then got fed up and started a business. Sold that in 2007 via a merger. Fell out with the new owners and sold half my shares in 2009.

Now working at the Eric Liddell Centre in Edinburgh doing fundraising (mainly trusts and foundations) and general marketing. I have a lot less money than I used to, but a lot more personal satisfaction.

When I am not doing that I play the trumpet, penny whistle, listen to music and read books.

Full professional profile here.