Saturday, January 26, 2008

What Christians mean by the "word of God".

The whole word of God thing is a bit complex because what most christians mean by this is:
  • What the pastor told me I had to believe,
  • because of what he was taught that something in the bible means,
  • that was translated by someone,from their selection of possible texts,
  • of books chosen by one particular group in the fourth cenury,
  • based on the translators particular theological background,
  • using modern understandings of word usage in ancient times,
  • from a text copied and recopied over hundreds of years,
  • which was written by a human being,
  • who was usually claiming to be someone else,
  • writing about things he had not directly witnessed,
  • quoting conversations verbatim that he could not have heard,
  • claiming that this was inspired by God.