Friday, October 12, 2007

A couple of problems with young earth creationism

Here are a couple of very obvious problems that people who promote young earth creationism can't deal with:

  1. The earth must be older than 6000 years because 6000 years is not long enough to contain all of the known human history. 6000 years ago was the middle stone age.
    People had existed for a lot longer than that and we have cave paintings and other archaeology to prove it. Young earth creationists actually believe that civilisation has developed in only 4500 years (the period since the flood). This does not match up with known history.

  2. If the dinosaurs were wiped out by a world wide flood and humans and dinosaurs coexisted why are there no fossilised people, just fossilised dinosaurs? Why are there no fossilised mammals in the same strata as the dinosaurs? The answer is that the different types of animal lived at different times. Dinosaurs came first, then mammals and then man, long after the dinosaurs were fossilised.

  3. We know that 90% of all species that ever existed are now extinct. They could not all have coexisted in a stable ecosystem therefore they did not exist at the same time, therefore one must have followed from another.