Saturday, July 9, 2005

How to load a leica camera without cutting the film

I noticed this in Amateur Photographer magazine (25th June 2005) which was a special edition to celebrate 80 years since the first Leica camera and the 80th anniversary of the magazine.

Normally you need to cut the film to make a long leader but this method lets you load the Leica scre cameras without modifying the film.

  1. Draw the film out of the cassette and insert tip of leader into the takeup spool.
  2. Lower the cassette and take up spool into the base of the camera.
  3. As it is part way in, insert a business card between the film and shutter blind, pushing it lightly until there is resistance (the card should be seated against the central part of the shuter housing).
  4. Start to wind the film on.
  5. Once you see the film winding freely (by viewing the movement of the rewind knob) remove the card, attach the baseplate and advance a couple of frames.

You can now start using the camera.