Sunday, July 10, 2005

Depression and the speed bump

Friends of the Earth have finally won in thier battle against the car.

They tried increasing the price of petrol; they forced the fitting of catalytic convertors, but the car manufacturers fought back with technology to make cars more economical and more powerful.
In the end it was something much more mundane that has stopped me fulfilling a lifelong ambition.

Having spent two weeks seriously looking for a second hand Ferrari I finally realised that there is no way it would get over the speed bump at the entrance to our street. It would end up as an expensive seesaw for the local kids. I then thought about getting some workmen to remove the speed bump, but unfortunatley the local cable company recently laid a cable INSIDE the bump. Yes, I know that makes no sense. They did not even ask the owners permission (its a private road and their general permission to dig only covers council owned roads).

So, the outcome is no Ferrari.
I think a Porsche would get over the bump, but its not the same thing is it?