Saturday, May 28, 2005

Usenet, Usenet, Usenet

Why does Usenet attract so many fruitcakes?

Yesterday over in alt.musicmakers.trumpet someone posted their web site address. Someone else said the photo was not very good. I pointed out the photo was OK it was just the width and height that were wrong, making it look pixelated. I also posted a link to my site as I had just updated it.

This morning I found this in my inbox from the guy who had designed the web site with the photo on it:

I checked out your web site. At least I can spell and type.

The strange thing is I had not critices his site at all, just pointed out that the photo was intact which other people were claiming it was not.

I don'tt know why I bother with Usenet. It would have died a long time ago without Google Groups, so if Google goes for a stock market flotation they may have to pull out of legally difficult areas like usenet.

As for alt.musicmakers.trumpet, it was killed off a long time ago by "Mikey". Most people are over in Trumpet Herald or Trumpetmaster.