Thursday, February 15, 2018

Why I am reluctantly changing energy supplier from British Gas

I like my smart meter. I like the British Gas energy management tools. But with energy prices continuing to rise and my current fixed tarrif ending I decided to look at the alternatives.

I looked at what British Gas were offering and their best alternative was their next fixed tariff which would save me £26 over standard tariff.

So I went to where I was offered British Gas Home Energy Plus Cover at a saving of £263 next year  over what I would pay under my current tarrif! This was based on my exact energy usage last year. In excitement went to my British Gas account but it was not listed as an option to switch to. So I did some digging via Google and found it here:

It is a valid, current tariff, but listed as "Only available to selected customers".
i.e. new customers, not existing ones! were offering other suppliers with savings of over £300 so it is probably time to say goodbye to British Gas.