Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sources of used amateur radio equipment in the UK.

The following are some sources of used amateur (ham) radio equipment in the UK. I am not endorsing any of them specifically, just putting the links here for information.

Commercial Dealers

Martin Lynch & Sons

Waters and Stanton



Nevada Radio


Haydon Communications


Mainly CB radios but sometimes have used amateur radio equipment for sale.

Small Ads

Buying privately means buying without any sort of warranty, but prices will be lower and there is no come back. Ebay prices can be as high as buying from a dealer so be careful.

Ideal for finding items for sale locally.


G3CWI's Amazing Online Flea Market


Various groups exist where equipment is bought and sold. Same warnings apply as for small ads.

Amateur Radio Sales
JunkSale Amateur Radio
Amateur Radio Equipment for Sale or Trade


There are small ads in RadCom and other magazines that might be worth a look, as well as some of the special interest Amateur Radio organisations if you are looking for specialist equipment.