Saturday, April 6, 2013

How to store memory channels on an Alinco DJV-17E 2m handheld

I recently bought one of these handheld radios and and the memory programming is very confusing.

The instruction manual tells you to store memories like this:

  1. select frequency etc to be stored.
  2. press the key “A v/m mw”.
  3. press the Function key.
  4. rotate dial to desired memory number.
  5. press v/m mw and you will hear a beep.
  6. the memory is now stored.

However step 4 does not work on a new radio just out of the box.
By default the memory function only shows memories that have something stored in them.
If you have none stored then all you will see is a list like this when you turn the dial:
rpALLFRQ > m0 > C
so you will not be able to select any memories to store to.

To fix this turn the dial to the m0 position and press the Function key again.
Now turn the dial and you should be able to scroll through all 200 memories and select one to store to.
Any that are empty will just show the VFO frequency.

This information is NOT in the Alinco instruction manual and is the reason people have so many problems with this radio.