Friday, October 26, 2012

This Jimmy Savile stuff just gets weirder

Apparently he put his name to a ghost written children's book the 1980's as part of a child protection campaign:

The introduction makes particularly chilling reading in light of recent events:

And back in the 70's he even got round to writing a book about his relationship with God:

I promise you - none of these have been photoshopped!


  1. Details of the St John ambulance paedophiles and their paedophile protection network which stretches all the way to St John International head office in London, are here:

  2. Great stuff. I'd never seen that God book before. Hats off to your research.

    To be honest the Stranger Danger book doesn't get mentioned by the media much either. They prefer the other one where Savile admits having sex with women!

    Strange times.