Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Breatharian video blog

I came across this interesting series of video blogs made by a woman aiming to live without eating food by gradually reducing her calorific intake:

You can view her YouTube channel here.
[She has now deleted these videos - see below for the explanation]

Interesting to note that after 28 days she is still only down to 1300 calories, when a diet of 1000 calories per day is quite normal for people trying to lose weight. I suspect the problems will start when she gets down to 800 or 900.

My prediction is either:

1. She will stop posting videos or remove the existing ones and we will never know why.
2. She will fail to become breatharian blaming either herself for lack of spirituality or the bad effects of outside influences.
3. She will prove that breatharianism is possible and world hunger will be solved.

It will be interesting to see what the outcome is.

Update 13th November 2012
Well, I followed her progress via YouTube and she reduced her food intake by 100 calories per day till she got down to 700. This took about six weeks. At this point she had to do a lot of visits to family and found the social side of eating made it difficult to keep up with the regime. She has now said that counting calories is not the way to do it so she has stopped and switched to  a juice only diet without monitoring the calories.

This was prediction #2 that I made at the start of the process.

Update 11th December 2012
I notice from my YouTube subscriptions that she has deleted all the videos made during her attempt to go breatharian and stop eating food. That was my prediction #1 from 9th November. She has started a new YouTube channel and is attempting to become "liquidarian" (only taking a liquid diet). You can see her first video of this process here.