Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Asda and plate inflation

Having recently got a dishwasher I decided I needed more plates. My current dinner set was a cheap Asda smart price one which is surprisingly finely made. I like simple white plates and they have served me well so I decided to buy another set. Imagine my surprise when the side plates and dishes in the new set were substantially smaller than the original set that are just over a year old. They must have reduced the size to keep to the unfeasible £4.65 price point. I would rather pay £10 for full size plates!
(Photo shows older plates on left and newer ones on the right)

Update 20/07/12:
I have tried to engage Asda on Twitter, but got no response so I have emailed their customer service team:

Dear Sirs,
I purchased an Asda Smart Price dinner set just over a year ago and was very happy with it. Its not great quality, but it works and I like white plates. Having bought a dishwasher i decided I needed more plates and bought a second set from you. Imagine my surprise when the plates in the new set turned out to be substantially smaller than the originals. The side plates are equivalent to saucer size and will not hold a slice of toast made from your own brand bread.
I fail to see how this makes any sense. I am sure it saved some money and kept the price down, but it made the product not fit for purpose. it would have been more sensible to keep the original sizes and put the price up by a few pounds. If this is taken further then the next version will be like dolls house crockery.
Gordon Hudson
Update 24th July 2012 I received an answerphone message from Asda indicating that it was probably cost related, but they would pass my comment to their buyers. Cost is not the be all and end all of retailing. Ultimately the products have to work or we would all end up with dolls house size crockery.