Monday, May 14, 2012

Creationist Roadshow Comes to Edinburgh

On Saturday 20th October Creation Ministries International (CMI) bring their latest Creationist roadshow to Edinburgh. The day conference, aimed at converting existing evangelical Christians to a creationist position, is being hosted at Carrubbers Christian Centre with their own pastor Wayne Sutton as one of the speakers.

You can read about it here and download the leaflet here (PDF file).

These events are usually well orchestrated to present the "facts" unchallenged. They are not well publicised, prior registration is required and the people attending have usually  been referred by personal contact or through their church. 

You may like to read my previous article: Why creationism is bad for Christianity - an open letter to creationists in Edinburgh to find out why I am so opposed to creationism.

Update 17th December 2012

Here are some videos from the event.

Pastor Wayne Sutton of Carrubbers Christian Centre:

Marc Surtees:

Migration after the flood:

Creation The Evidence:

Let the rocks speak: