Thursday, April 5, 2012

Crop circles, biodynamic farming, homeopathy and the Eucharist

These may appear to be totally unconnected subjects, but they do have a common thread. Whether it is making a crop circle, stirring a preparation 500 for biodynamic gardening or celebrating the eucharist - something is being done with an intention and although nothing could be identified in the material with a microscope things seem to happen at a spiritual or energetic level. In the case of crop circles strange creatures may be sighted. With homeopathy an improvement in condition. With biodynamics a better crop yield.
It seems to me that the act of will involved in doing these things could carry an intention of goodwill and purpose which acts on another (etheric) plane.
I am a natural sceptic, but when I see a pattern amongst these disparate subjects it's hard to ignore. It is certainly very old wisdom as the Eucharist attests.