Friday, April 13, 2012

Are fundamentalist Muslims and Christians that far apart?

Video from Pat Robertson's CBN TV channel:

I don't see any difference between this muslim man's views and those of many Christians - "allah makes the laws - he's the one who tells us whats allowed and what's forbidden" and "this community is a dirty perverted community". Many fundamentalist Christians would say exactly the same things. Some on the Christian Right are equally against the idea of representative democracy, usually pointing out that in the old testament there were divinely appointed kings with non Christians just having to tow the line in a brave new world of theocratic rule.

Islam is opposed to abortion and the teaching of evolution. If Christians can support Mitt Romney (a Mormon) because he is good on these BIG issues then why not support the Muslims?

My suspicion about why they don't is that some Christians dislike Muslims for reasons of race rather than reasons of faith.

What we have is an issue of double standards. As the satirical Daily Mail Style Guide tweeted last week:
Religious symbols: Crucifixes at work are a matter of religious freedom. Headscarves at work are creeping Islamisation and should be banned.

Incidentally - the argument about Muslims taking over the country by having bigger families was exactly the same argument used against Roman Catholics in Scotland at one time.