Monday, March 5, 2012

The murky past of Boris Johnson aka Borisgate

In addition to his involvement in the Bullingdon Club alongside David Cameron and other Tory stars, our Boris got himself involved in the Darius Guppy case. Guppy - also a former Bullingdon boy - was being investigated by News of the World  journalist Stuart Collier over his involvement in an insurance swindle he eventually served time in prison for. According to the Mail on Sunday, Guppy asked Boris to find Collier's home address and phone number so he could pass it to an associate from south London.

Unfortunately the phone conversation was recorded and the tape made its way to other journalists. A full story is from the Mail on Sunday 16th July 1995 and can be read here:

I should say that Collier wasn't attacked and Boris didn't actually provide the details, but the fact that he could be leaned on like this shows how power relationships from school and university days are still relevant to the front line of today's Conservative party.