Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Alternative to the Metro Newspaper Mobile Version

I notice that the mobile optimised version of the Metro newspaper normally found at http://metro.mobi has disappeared at the same time as the main Metro web site has been redesigned. The mobile address just sends you to their normal web site now.

I contacted Metro via Facebook, but got no response and they deleted my enquiry from their wall so I can only assume that metro.mobi is a dead duck. The main Metro web site is difficult to navigate on a phone which is why I used the mobile version. There is a way round this though. Google has a web kit which can make a standard page easier to read on a mobile device so try going here instead:


I don't know what this says abut .mobi or the mobile web in general. Quite a few newspapers do not have mobile versions so I tend to bookmark their main sites through the Google web kit.

Update: I just got a message from the Metro that they will be launching a new mobile site in the next few months so we might be back on track. Meanwhile, try the link above.