Monday, October 10, 2011

Recreating Miles Davis' muted trumpet sound

I had to do a Miles Davis soundalike recording this week. Specifically I had to try and reproduce his 1980's muted sound. For these records he was using a harmon mute and I have seen some debate about which brand of mute to use. After a bit of experimenting I think the issue is more to do with  mouthpiece choice and processing of the final audio. I experimented with various mouthpieces and my Denis Wick harmon mute and found that the closest was a quite deep Warbrton 3MD with a very large no 12 backbore. Even this was still not quite like the records so I equalised the sound to bring up the bass. See what you think, but I think its pretty close to the timbre of sound Miles Davis was producing in the 1980's:


  1. How can i use this player to my blogspot..please give me the html for this player..

  2. Hello Rezwan.

    The player on this page uses flash and is hosted on my own web server. I have stopped doing this and use an html 5 one instead.

    You will find the instructions for doing this in my article here:

    How to Embed an mp3 file in a blog article

    You still need a host to host the mp3 file.
    I understand that Dropbox now has the ability to link directly to audio files for embedding. I am looking into this.