Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A web application for reading ebooks without software.

Sometimes it would be useful to be able to read an ebook (stored as an epub file) on a mobile phone, laptop or other device without having an ebook reader or having to install special software. Well this is now possible using a site called Magicscroll which you will find here:

On visiting the site you are presented with two options, either to upload an epub file or read one that resides somewhere on the internet. Many web sites that provide free ebooks show a link for downloading the file. Right clicking on this should allow you to see and copy the link address and out this into Magicscroll. There is an option to turn on online synching. If activated, this allows the current page to be remembered. A cookie is used to store your recently read book titles which should appear as links on the front page the next time you visit the site. Visiting Magicscroll on a mobile device calls up a special mobile version. 

Here is a link to Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy of Freedom, stored at the Rudolf Steiner Archive, but displayed in Magicscroll:


Once the book loads you will see icons on the left of the screen for book contents, full screen and other useful functions.

For a source of free epub ebooks try http://www.epubbooks.com