Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Guido Fawkes gets it wrong on climate change

I felt I had to comment on political blogger Paul Staines (AKA Guido Fawkes)  attempt at climate change denial today as it shows how many on this side of the atlantic are falling for the ssame spin as US presidential hopeful Rick Perry, who recently came out as a climate change denier. it now seems standard for those of the right to be opposed to action on climate change. I can see how Perry might gain from this (his campaign is funded in part by oil companies), but Guido? Who knows, but one thing is sure - Guido is wrong.

If you look at a map showing increase or decrease in temperature over the past 30 years you will see that the UK has stayed about the same and some parts of the world have got colder, BUT temperatures in Africa and some other areas have increased dramatically. This has reduced growing seasons. Overall temperatures ARE increasing and this IS affecting some of the poorest people in the world.

An increase of one degree here would signify a change of much greater proportions nearer the equator. Pointing to snow here as a way of denying climate change is cold comfort to subsistence farmers living in these areas.