Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Insightful comment on creationism, by a Christian minister.

A very interesting article and well worth reading about a CHristian minister visiting the creation museum with a group of atheists.

A very insightful line from the article:
Young Earth Creationism has become a test of orthodoxy in some circles of evangelical Christianity. The historical church has gone through various stages on how to read the first part of Genesis. The YEC position has never become a test of orthodoxy like it has in the past 50 years. It has become a test in the ongoing culture wars of the Christian right.
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Part three will be coming out shortly.

From part two:

Anyway, part of this security entails training bomb sniffing dogs. These dogs and their handlers were in full force that day. Later, I talked to a Christian who organized security for traveling Smithsonian exhibits about bomb sniffing dogs. He pointed out that there could be two possible reasons. One, they had received a credible threat, but in that case they should have cleared the building. In the second case scenario, the dogs, even though not especially aggressive, where often used as an intimidation factor to keep tense situations under control.

As the Creation Museum hadn't been evacuated, I assumed the second.