Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The problem with sending Twitter updates from YouTube

Some YouTube users have started automatically posting comments and updates from their YouTube channel and videos on Twitter. I am not sure how they are doing this and a quick Google search has not thrown up any obvious methods, but it has a fatal flaw. YouTube changed their comment system a while ago so that comments are prefixed with @username. As my Twitter username is "hostroute" any replies to comments I leave on a video  by someone who uses automatic twitter updates end up mentioning me as @hostroute in a tweet. The problem with this is that I am NOT the @hostroute who is on Twitter, but all these comments end up in THEIR Twitter timeline as mentions. This is quite misleading to anyone reading the tweets and I can't be the only person who has this problem.

Its even more embarassing as the @hostroute on YouTube is my former company. One of the results of this is that I have had to abandon my old YouTube channel and set up a new YouTube channel under the username "39GH". However, and this just gets better and better, "39GH" is two characters too short for a Google username so although it works on YouTube it will not work for any other Google service. In spite of this, YouTube (a Google service) allowed me to select this username on sign up.

All of this is symptomatic of the underlying lack of interoperability between the different online services even when two (YouTube and Google) are owned by the same company.