Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why did the disciples follow Jesus?

Here is an interesting question. Why did the disciples decide to give up everything and follow Jesus?

Clearly its not for the same reason that people become Christians today as there was no expectation of atonement for sin. So did they believe he was going to be an earthly messiah, becoming literally the king of the Jews? I am not sure about this because Jesus never really made that claim to them. Neither does he tell them he is going to die as a sacrifice for sin.

So why did the disciples follow Jesus?

Maybe its something to do with learning from a teacher (rabbi)?

Maybe they saw him as a successor to John the Baptist who would cleanse the temple system.

I have no answer to this question, but I raise it here because it is a bit of a theological elephant in the room for modern day believers.

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  1. Here is a very simple, but plausible, explanation: People need a leader because they cannot take full responsibility for and control of their lives. People need idols. Several people have slave mentality. The phenomenon has, probably, biological roots. It could be like an addiction--something one cannot get rid of. Back then and nowadays people like to be subordinate to the few ones who dare declare themselves as leaders or as possessors of knowledge.

    The most difficult thing to do is to ask questions and cast doubt on whatever is offered to you without any rationale. Unfortunately, it is only a small fraction of people who ask the questions.

    So, if Mr or Mrs Messiah comes to you, would you not ask him or her "hey buddy, what's up with you"?

    Apparently, the disciples didn't ask this.