Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Potential T-Mobile Fraud Security Problem

A very interesting thing happened today which I want to make other T-Mobile account holders aware of.
I received a voicemail mesage from T-Mobile last night telling me that someone had tried to order additional lines on my account and they thought it was an imposter. I phoned them back and they said it had been an order for four lines, that the person had identified themself as "Gordon" and had my correct account password. As the password has not been used for anything else and I have never written it down this means that either someone was able to get it out of my head without me knowing or T-Mobile has a security problem. I have definitely not been caught in any phishing scam. T-Mobile, of course, deny there could be any problem with their security but for someone to have my name, mobile number and account password is very suspicious.


  1. Gordon. I wanted to say that I _just_ experienced this. And your blog post came up in a google search.

    And yes, T-Mobile isn't admitting to anything. But we will see what happens. I have just due to precautionary measures - put a lock on my credit report, filed a police statement, and removed all auto-pay from any revolving accounts.

  2. Michael, T-Mobile registered me with a service that stops you taking out credit agreements without the company speaking to you in person and getting a special password only held by the screening company. I think this was a tacet admission of guilt. I did hear a rumour that they had lost data via a company overseas that was doing data processing for them, but thats only a rumour.