Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why are Christians so uncomfortable with the idea of evolution?

Why do some Christians trust creationist opinions over scientific ideas that have been worked out by many scientists over many years? Presumably they are quite happy to take medicines that have also been developed by scientists over many years, without feeling the need to question its effectiveness.

I think the answer is that just as Galileo showed that the sun does not revolve round the earth, evolution challenges Christians to accept that they are not the centre of the universe. A rather humbling notion, especially for the self exalting kind of Christians who tend to be the ones who are very pro creationism.


  1. Here's the deal. True Christians believe that the Bible scripture is God's infallible and inspired word. Scripture says in Genesis 1 that God said, "Let us make man in our image." God didn't say, "Let us evolve man into the image we have evolved into."

    For the record, human beings are the center of the universe. This is what God's creation is all about.

  2. Thats an interesting point. When I was studying theology it was the trend to view creation as the theatre within which God's glory could be demonstrated through his son. This put Christ and the cross at the centre of the world rather than Christians. The risk was always that if you put people at the centre of the universe then they will become even more egotistical and self exalting, which is exactly like so many fundamentalist Christians today.

  3. Gordon... you are correct there.

    My meaning is that the universe and all the animals were created for men.

    But thank you for putting Christ back at the center.

  4. I'm a creationist, but not because of my christian beliefs, which are very much a part of my life - I've done so much research into the subject and have found the theory of evolution to be seriously flawed. Darwin himself said that his theory would fall apart in the even of something smaller than a cell being discovered - so with the upgrades in microscopes over the years even Darwin wouldn't be a believer!
    If anyone can actually give me some real evidence for evoloution I'll pay attention - I've looked so hard to find tangible evidence from a number of evolution biased places including national geographic and watched so many bbc doco's, but as far as I can see scientists are making the fossils etc fit their cause - I know creationists can also be accused of this too. I also find it very intersting that Richard Dawkins and others feel the need to lay into the competition (God) even though they say he doesn't exist. It seems like they will do anything to take God out of society, if they really had faith in their beliefs they wouldn't be so defensive and might even debate with a creationist - it's interesting how they are all too scared to do so... maybe they might loose!

  5. Thats not really what this article is about. Its not that some people don't believe in evolution but why they feel generally uncomfortable with the idea in the first place before they find a rational reason for believing in creationism.

  6. I take your point, but I think it is relevant. most people in the uk believe in evolution, but although being taught it as a fact in school can still not answer basic question which are the foundations for the theory, such as - where did genetic info come from? (they have ruled out the big bang theory as a sole catalyst and are currently doing the most expensive and dangerous experiments to try to get some answers as they currently have nothing factual-all theory) and also indisputable evidence of genetic info being gained instead of lost (the evidence of change is always a loss of info never new info in the dna).
    To be honest I think we all believe a number things which we don't understand and somethings matter others don't. I certainly wouldn't suggest that it's a subject which a persons faith depends on, but I agree people should be informed rather than just following a crowd whether thats for evolution or creation.