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Revelation TV Background Information

Revelation TV is a Christian TV stations operating from the UK but under a broadcasting licence issued by the Spanish government. The station holds to an unusual mix of theological positions which places it outside mainstream Christianity (and possibly mainstream evangelicalism) in the UK.

[This article is occasionally updated. Last update: 8th June 2015.]


Revelation TV operate a television channel broadcast on the Sky Digital platform to the UK and parts of mainland Europe. They also broadcast simultaneously on-line via live streaming. Revelation TV carries pre recorded programmes from other ministries who pay to have their material broadcast. These include some controversial word of faith teachers like Don Stewart and Kenneth Copeland and many African based churches in the UK. Revelation TV also carries in house programmes, many of which are broadcast live and include audience participation via telephone, email and text message.

Revelation TV previously operated two other TV channels: RMusic TV and Genesis TV. RMusic TV closed in early 2007 and Genesis and Revelation merged to become a single channel in April 2010.

Revelation TV Studios

Revelation TV operated from studios at Brycbox House, Cocks Crescent, New Malden from till June 2012 which they renamed "Genesis House". The studios were originally built as a community centre before becoming a television studio. TVAM was based there from 1985 to 1987 after which it was used for production of programmes including Wizadora, Ready Steady Cook and other Endemol productions. After this it was used as a post production base for Fountain Studios. They closed it in 1999 after which it was used for a short lived Sky music channel Musflash TV who at that time still appeared to manage the facility.

In March 2010 a planning application for demolition and erection of flats on the site was withdrawn by Barratt Homes. (details in this PDF document from page 125) . In May 2011 Barratt held an exhibition in a local church showing their new plans for homes on the site which would involve demolition of the studio building (details in this article from the Surrey Comet).

It was announced in April 2012 that the studios would be demolished and replaced with flats (article from Kingston Guardian). According to Bob Mitchell they had been given notice to quit by June 2012. On 24th June 2012 Revelation TV left their new Malden studios with most programming moved to Spain. Some daytime programmes are broadcast from a studio at a residential address in Surbiton.

Current Studio Locations

The current London studio has been reported by the Surrey Comet newspaper to be at a residential address in King Charles Road, Surbiton. This is probably the same house they broadcast from before moving to New Malden. It was also the registered office address of Revelation TV Ltd until 2002. 

According to the Revelation TV Newsletter of June 2011 the Spanish studio is at La Cala Mijas on the Costa del Sol. This was built in a former underground car park. While this was being built their Spanish programmes were broadcast from a residential address nearby. 

General Theological position

The stations broad statement of faith is published on its web site here. This is avowedly evangelical, millennialist and zionist, but not pentecostal. In spite of this, the station clearly holds a pentecostal and charismatic position, believing that the gifts of the spirit are available to Christians today and that there is a baptism of the holy spirit secondary to water baptism and being saved. They also have a strong belief in "signs and wonders".


Revelation TV holds to a dispensationalist theological position - that we are living in the last days and that the return of Christ is imminent. They also believe in the rapture. They do not specify if this will be before, during or after the tribulation, although many of the presenters have stated pre-millenialist personal views.

They are supportive of concepts like the alleged emerging "New World Order" and other conspiracy theories expounded by the late Barry Smith who'se archive material is regulary broadcast on the channel.


The station is strongly Christian Zionist, believing that the Jewish people are God's chosen people and have a special role in the last days, revealed in bible prophecy. However they tend to identify the Jewish people as the state of Israel rather than people who happen to be of the Jewish faith. They are in favour of "aliyah" (return to Israel of the diaspora Jews) but also supportive of messianic Judaism whilst being unclear whether Jews who do not accept Jesus can be saved by adherence to the law. They regularly promote group tours of Israel on their programmes and by mailings to their supporters.

Revelation TV has previously given some coverage to British Israelism, but this seems to have been set aside in favour of a more straightforward American style Christian Zionism.

Associated with this is the view of some presenters on the channel that Christians should abstain from eating pork or shellfish in line with old testament law, and that the Jewish festivals should be celebrated.

Environmental position

Revelation TV is generally sceptical of climate change and environmental issues. For example, on 24th February 2011 they announced a program about the environment with the following:

The 2nd part of the programme will look at the sinister Green agenda of climate change and the expensive investment in renewable energy that is destroying our beautiful coastline.

The programme in question included a contribution from a representative of the UK Independence Party (UKIP).

Alternative Health

The channel has broadcast a number of programmes featuring Felicity Corbin Wheeler and Phillip Day who  promote alternative models of medicine and advocate alternative treatments for cancer. In 2010 they were found to be in breach of the OFCOM Broadcast Code for promoting a cancer treatment called GC100 (see below).

Political position

The channels self produced programmes present a conservative moral position and often use articles from the Daily Mail newspaper as examples of how society is breaking down. Bad things happening in the world are often explained as signs that the return of Christ is imminent.

The presented view seems to be that the world is against Christians and discriminates against them. Revelation TV seems to favour political action by Christians and they often make programmes about Christian political parties and organisations like Christian Voice, Christian Legal Centre and CCTV (now defunct). In this respect they are dominionist.

They do not support President Obama's administration whom they view as "not of God" because of its support for abortion and its willingness to seek peaceful solutions in the middle east (and its cooling relations with Israel).

Relations with political parties

Revelation TV has featured guests from various political parties, but has leaned towards UKIP and the Christian Party as invitees on various programmes including the Politics Show which was presented by Rev George Hargreaves, leader of the Christian Party.

Debate with the BNP

In March 2010 Revelation TV hosted a live debate between Nick Griffin (leader of the BNP) and Rev George Hargreaves of the Christian Party (broadcast on the now defunct Genesis TV sister channel). During the debate some protesters outside the studio were described as a "rabble" by one of the programmes presenters.

An article about the debate in the Kingston Guardian of 23rd March 2010 included this:
Gordon Petty, who moderated the debate, defended the TV station’s decision because some of the BNP’s policies aired the views of many Christians and therefore Mr Griffin deserved to be heard.

Mr Petty said: "From our perspective, we don’t agree with all the views of the BNP but we believe it is right that as Christians we do listen and make our own minds up.

"The BNP are the only party that would stop abortions in this country.

"Many Christians abhor abortion."

Word of faith teaching

They are ambivalent towards word of faith theology. On the one hand they show programmes that promote it, such as Don Stewart and Kenneth Copeland, but on the other hand their own programming is sceptical of it without being openly critical. There was some discussion about this by viewers on their website feedback page during 2009, but links to this page were removed from the Revelation TV web site. (This page has now totally disappeared but you can read a PDF copy of it here).

Justin Peters

On 10th February 2010 Genesis TV screened a Live at 9 programme during which the guest Justin Peters was critical of many word of faith teachers, including some who broadcast on Revelation TV. It was later announced that due to complaints about Peters' critical comments the programme would not be repeated (as would be the norm). Click here to see a video of the announcement (this video has now been removed from YouTube after a copyright complaint by 21st Century Television Ltd - the holding company for Revelation TV - but you can see another copy by clicking here). On the 16th February the station issued a statement on their website about the incident which has now been removed.

Use of Copyright Law and Other Means to Suppress Discussion

There is a strong tradition of Christian television ministries using copyright law to prevent their material being viewed outside its intended audience, especially on YouTube (e.g. Benny Hinn Ministries' removal of user uploaded material on a regular basis). In addition to the removal of the Justin Peters response video from YouTube (discussed above), Revelation - Genesis TV have previously closed down a discussion forum (citing abuse) and removed criticism of their showing of Don Stewart programmes from their web site feedback page. They have not, however, sought to remove user uploaded videos of prank calls made to the station which receive a lot of views on YouTube and are presumably seen as good publicity.

On 28th February 2010 Genesis-Revelation TV staff removed comments from viewers about the Justin Peters incident from their Facebook page. Following the removal of the comments another thread was started by some of the people who'se comments had been removed. Part of this discussion can be seen here.

On 27th April 2010 Revelation TV removed a discussion about their latest OFCOM ruling from their facebook discussions page. The initial posting can be viewed here.

On 9th July 2010 Revelation TV removed a number of discussions (some of them quite old) from their Facebook page with the following message:
Dear Friends,
Please do not use this page to argue or write offensive or condescending messages. If you do, your posts will be deleted and you will be barred from taking part in any discussions on this page.
Kind Regards,
The removed discussions were all about theological issues or disagreements rather than personal abuse.

In January 2011 they closed the discussion feature of their Facebook page and started presenter blogs on their web site with comment moderation. They also have fewer phone in shows than previously.

The Bible

The bible is innerant, but they skirt round the textual criticism issue (i.e. which manuscript text of the bible is it that is innerant) and use various translations; predominantly the New American Standard Bible.


They sometimes feature prophecies from well known modern day prophets. Recently they featured a prophecy from David Wilkerson.

Evolution and Creationism

Revelation TV is opposed to the teaching of Evolution which they present as not scientifically proven. Viewers are encouraged to believe the bible, reject the scientific view and accept young earth creationism. This is presesented as the orthodox Christian position even though most professing Christians belong to denominations that accept evolution. To this end they have regular programming from John McKay (CMI), Answers in Genesis and Dr Grady McMurtry. They have also made programmes that advise parents on home schooling which is presented as a way of safeguarding children from the teaching of evolution and sex education in schools.

Relations with other religions and mainstream Christian denominations

Christianity is seen as the only true religion so they are against all other religions; apart from Judaism, which seems to inhabit a shadowy in-between area. In practice they normally do not criticise other religions apart from Islam. They have received a censure from OFCOM about their statements about Islam in the past.

Revelation TV and Genesis TV do not seem to engage with mainstream Christian denominations, and concentrate instead on independent charismatic churches, often ones with African connections. Their programme "Church in Focus" usually features interviews with leaders of churches which originate in AFrica or are led by members of the African community in the UK.

Relations with the broadcasting regulator OFCOM

Revelation and Genesis TV have been the subject of a number of complaints and investigations by OFCOM over the past few years. Details of some of these are given below.

Homosexuality and OFCOM

They have been vocal in opposition to homosexuality which has also got them into trouble with OFCOM. The person who made the complaint to OFCOM has a video explaining the background to it on YouTube.

Abortion and OFCOM

They are against legalised abortion and feature programmes about the issue from time to time. In September 2009 Revelation TV was found to be in breach of 1.3, 2.1, 2.3 and 5.5 of the OFCOM broadcast code for airing a programme called "The Land Cries Out for the Blood that Was Shed" which showed images of dismembered late aborted foetuses at 3:30pm, just prior to their afternoon children's programme. The full judgement can be found here in the OFCOM broadcast bulletin of 14th September 2009.

Commercial Promotions and OFCOM

In January 2010, Revelation TV was found to be in breach of rule 10.4 of the OFCOM broadcast code for giving undue prominence to the promotion of books, CD's and conferences by Andrew Womack. The full judgement can be found here in the OFCOM broadcast bulletin off 11th January 2010. The report concludes that:

Ofcom has previously censured Revelation TV for failing to review the content of its programmes prior to transmission. In light of our concerns, Ofcom is requiring the broadcaster to attend a meeting to discuss its compliance processes and procedures.

Promotion of alternative cure for Cancer and OFCOM

On 26th April 2010 Genesis TV was found to be in breach of rule 2.1 of the broadcasting code for screening a programme called "Bible Medicine" (4th January 2010) which promoted an alleged cure for cancer called GC100.

Revelation-Genesis TV defended showing the programme by saying that Dr Grinstein is a “serious academic and is not the CEO/sales person of a Company that is seeking to promote a product in order to make money”.

In relation to Rule 2.1, Genesis TV said that Dr. Grinstein, through his research, “has developed his belief and thinking on the treatment of cancer by alternative means to invasive surgery and treatment”. According to the broadcaster, the term GC100 relates to “a change of lifestyle and the eating of natural ingredients”. In addition, Dr. Grinstein was advocating an approach to living, based on his research and “backed up by statements from leading universities and medical journals from many different countries around the world”, on “how to avoid developing cancer”. Genesis TV maintained that Dr. Grinstein “is very thorough in his research [and in] keeping with the Ofcom Code he seeks to be factual and not misleading in any statement that he makes to the public”.

In their ruling Ofcom said:

We considered that the advocacy of GC100 as an anti-carcinogenic strategy had a clear potential to cause some members of the audience – especially vulnerable ones – very serious (and possibly life-threatening) harm.
The full Ofcom ruling can be found here (pdf document).

Spanish Broadcasting Licence

On 1st April 2010 Revelation TV gave up its UK broadcasting licence and took up a new one from the Spanish government (which was actually issued to them in January 2007). This means that they no longer have to comply with UK broadcasting regulations and OFCOM will not accept any complaints about the channel, althugh the homologation of European broadcasting legislation may close this loophole.

It remains to be seen how the channel will react to their new freedom on these issues or if the Spanish authorities will seek to regulate them, but given some of the issues OFCOM had objected to in the past its possible they may wish to air programmes about the "treatment" of homosexuality or present graphic imagery about abortion.

The new regulator is ComisiĆ³n del Mercado de las Telecomunicaciones (CMT) and the official licence holder is a Spanish company called REVELATION TV EUROPE, S.L. You can read their licence here (pdf document in Spanish).

Under the new Audiovisual Media Services Directive from the EU, TV regulators from any EU country can demand that a regulator in another member state applies its rules to a broadcaster domiclied there if the majority of that broadcasters audience is in the other country. This means that OFCOM could continue to regulate Revelation TV if it so wished.

As an additional twist in the tail the OFCOM website still shows Revelation TV as still having a UK licence held by a company called "Revelation TV Limited". Presumably this is now no longer used.

This video by Revelation TV explains why they have moved to Spain:

Viewing figures

According to this article in the Jewish Chronicle:

Some of the channel's programmes receive around 90,000 viewers on Sky every week, and its website records around one million hits a month. 

Ownership and funding

It is not clear who currently owns Revelation TV. It was founded by Howard and Lesley Conder through their company 21st Century Television Ltd, but the funds are held by a charity set up for the purpose called the Revelation Foundation. One day per month is set aside for fundraising programmes to support the two channels. Most donors seem to be individuals and some make regular monthly donations.

Outside Broadcast Truck

During the first Revelation TV fundraising week in 2008 viewers were invited to donate towards the cost of an outside broadcast van. This was purchased in early 2009. It is not clear if this has ever been completed. A page about it on the Revelation TV web site was removed but can be viewed here.

They have since appealed for more funds to buy a second vehicle.

Commercial activities

Apart from selling airtime to other Christian ministries and selling some advertising space the station appears to have no other commercial activities.

Revelation Foundation

The channel is partly funded by the Revelation Foundation which was set up for the purpose. Viewers donations are made through the foundation and are therefore supplemented by the government through Gift Aid.

According to the Charities Commission web site they turned over £1.74M in the last financial year. Click here to view their accounts for the past few years.

Some information from the notes to the accounts for year ended 31 Mar 2008:

"Trustees' Expenses
Travel expenses amounting to £13,596 (2007 -£16,187) were re-imbursed to 1(2007 - 2) trustee(s).
In order to enable Mr Pettie to be able to perform his duties properly in London, accommodation costs were paid by the charity for this trustee. The amount of £13,886 (2007 -£14,327) was paid during the year for Mr Pettie."
"Revelation Foundation is in dispute with HMRC in respect of VAT which the Trustees consider is recoverable amounting to £147,020. HMRC consider that there is debt due to them amounting to £20,708 and this represents a difference of
£167,728. The Trustees consider that this amount is substantially recoverable but feel it is prudent to make a reserve in the accounts for the full amount."
Mr Conder's son and daughter are employees of the charity and the total of their salari es included in the accounts amounted to £62,084.
Mr Pettie's daughter provides bookkeeping services to the charity and the total paid to her during the year was £1,291.
21st Century Television Limited is a company controlled by Mr H Conder and his wife. 21st Century Television Limited was charged £45,000 during the year by the Foundation during the year for the use of the Foundation's staff. Revelation
Foundation received £300,000 donations from 21st Century Television Limited during the year. Revelation Foundation also acquired equipment totalling £260,000 during the year. The balance due from 21st Century Television Limited at 31 March 2008 amounted to £12,125 and this is included in trade debtors."
Some information from the notes to the accounts for year ended 31 Mar 2009:

The trustees at that date were listed as:
H Conder
G Pettie
A Tun
J Odell
Donations were £1,427,356 (down from £1,682,136 the previous year)
This sum included £128,862 from the government through the Gift Aid scheme.

There were no trustees remuneration or other benefits for the year ended 31 March 2009.
Mr Conder's sons and daughter are employees of the charity and the total of their salaries included in the accounts amounted to £38,834. Mr Conder's sons also provided consultancy services totalling £22,468 during the year.

[Editors Note: Joel Conder and Miles Conder run their own production company called Jamsync Studios from the same building as Revelation TV and using the same facilities see http://www.jamsync.tv/ They also have a second business called Twin City Productions see http://twincityproductions.com/contact.aspx This uses the same telephone number as Revelation TV and their interent domain name is registered to 21st Century Television Ltd].

Mr Pettie's daughter provided bookkeeping services to the charity and the total paid to her during the year was £8,341.

21st Century Television Limited is a company controlled by Mr H Conder and his wife. 2Ist Century Television Limited was charged £45,000 during the year by the Foundation during the year for the use of the Foundation's staff. Revelation
Foundation received £350,000 donations from 21st Century Television Limited during the year.
Some information from the notes to the accounts for year ended 31 Mar 2010:

Donation income dropped from £1,298,494 in 2009 to £1,041,056 in 2010
But income from the government through gift aid increased from £128,862 to £139,093.
This is a 20% drop from the previous year’s income of £1,427,356.

This reduction in income may have influenced the decision to reduce  to one channel.

The foundation had £611,917 in reserves the end of the financial year compared to £822,243 at the end of the previous year

From "notes to the financial statements"

Mr Conder was a Trustee during the year until 13 February 2010 when he resigned. 
Mr Conder's daughter (2009 - sons and daughters) was an employee of the charity and resigned on 31 May 2010. The salaries included in the accounts amounted to £14,882.  
Mr Conder's sons also provided consultancy services totalling £78,731 during the year. 
Mr Pettie's daughter provided bookkeeping services to the charity and the total paid to her as an employee and on a freelance basis during the year was £10,392. 
21st Century Television Limited is a company controlled by Mr H Conder and his wife. 21st Century Television Limited was charged £45,000 during the year by Revelation Foundation during the year for the use of the Foundation's staff. 
Revelation Foundation acquired fixed assets from 21 st Century Television Limited during the year for £63,729. 
The balance due from 21st Century Television Limited at 31 March 2010 amounted to £54,479 and this is included in other debtors. Of this amount, £40,444 was repaid shortly after the year end. 
Revelation TV Europe SL is a company controlled by Mr Conder and his wife and the amounts due from these companies at 31 March 2010 amounted to £45,000. This amount is included under other debtors. 
On 1 September 2010, Revelation Foundation acquired 100% of Revelation TV Europe SL.

Some information from the notes to the accounts for year ended 31 Mar 2011:
The trustees were listed as:
I G Pettie
A Tun
J Odell
P Darg [see below]
Income from donations dropped from slightly from £1,041,056 to £1,019,900 plus £128,243 in Gift Aid from the government. £373,755 was received for programme sales. This is the first time this has appeared in the Revelation Foundation’s accounts as they are now consolidated to include those of their two trading subsidiaries. 
The charity on its own had assets of £487,395 but their cash in hand had reduced from £123,377 the year before to £86,728.

Like all UK Christian broadcasters RevelationTV receives funding from the Government through the gift aid scheme via their charity. Click here for an article about this specific issue.


At 31st March 2009 the Revelation Foundation had £822,243 in unrestricted funds (reserves) including £511,103 cash at bank. This compared to 2008's figures of £632,243 with £301,413 of that held as cash. By 31st March 2010 reserves had decreased to £611,917.

Its not clear how much of this is left as according to their May 2010 newsletter:
"The Revelation Foundation has no reserves - no money sitting in a bank account somewhere in case of a rainy day."

Resignation of Howard Conder

On 2nd February 2010 Howard Conder announced that he was resigning as a trustee of the Revelation Foundation and stepping down from his role at Revelation TV. The full text of his resignation can be found here (pdf document). Companies House records show that he resigned as a director of Revelation TV Ltd on the 25th of February. The resignation document can be viewed here. Revelation TV Ltd is not listed as a related party in the Revelation Foundation accounts, but it does hold the station's UK broadcasting licence. Since his resignation, Howard Conder has continued to appear on the channel so its not clear what his level of involvement currently is.

As well as his involvement in Revelation TV, Howard Conder is a director of several unrelated companies including Playout 247 Ltd which supplies online streaming services to Revelation TV. Playout247 also markets web based video portals through another company called Vision IPTV Ltd. These portals include Talkgod.tv , the life coaching channel Be Do Have and others listed on this page.

Appointment of Peter Darg

Peter Darg was appointed as a director of the Revelation Foundation on 13th December 2011. Mr Darg is also a director of the related company Genesis TV Ltd and Christian broadcasting Network (UK) Ltd (which is the UK arm of CBN, the makers of Pat Robertson's 700 Club programme which is shown on Revelation). His wife Christine Darg has a programme called Exploits which is also shown on the channel.

New Logo

In April 2010 the channel changed their logo to one which incorporates elements of the Union Flag. This was changed back to a version of the previous logo in November 2010.

Yemi Balogun leaves Revelation TV

In June 2011 popular presenter Yemi balogun and his wife Sylvia left Revelation TV to establish their own Christian TV station called “The Kingdom TV”.  They are currently establishing a web site www.thekingdomtv.com and have started a blog:

We see a lot of ungodly ministers and charlatans from all over the world going about deliberately and ignorantly peddling deliverance and healing, and merchandising all manner of products, from olive oil to water and handkerchiefs etc....... Majority of the Christian TV Channels are full of these people, while the true preachers of the Word are left struggling with just a handful of members.The Bible says in Romans 8 vrs19, creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God...... For this reason, God called my wife and I to establish a Christian TV Station to provide a platform for true ministers of the gospel, to usher His people into a new season in His Kingdom. It is called THE KINGDOM TV. (From The Kingdom TV  blog http://thekingdomtv.blog.co.uk/ )
Their company (The Kingdom TV Ltd, Company No. 07491279) was formed on 13th January 2011 and was originally called "Revelation TV (Africa) Ltd". Its name was changed to "The Kingdom TV Ltd" on 30th March 2011. This was the period following the Justin Peters debacle detailed above which was about naming and "shaming" money making ministries.

Jacob Prasch leaves Revelation TV

At the end of November 2011, Jacob Prasch, a popular commentator used by the channel decided to stop appearing due to Revelation TV showing programmes made by Jesse Duplantis.

Prasch made a full statement on his web site which included this:
I will always appreciate Howard Condor personally and admire his support for Israel, and I most assuredly intend him no hostility. But I cannot in good conscience before the Lord, and as one accountable to my own board, be associated with things I can only define as the working of Satan. Giving a voice to devil in this manner injures the cause of Christ and dishonors His Holy Name and will, in the longer term, prove detrimental to Revelation TV by compelling God’s hand to be removed from it.
This led to some debate on the Revelation TV Facebook page.

Bob Mitchell leaves too

Following on from Jacob Prasch, Bob Mitchell has announced his departure from Revelation TV:

.....at this present time their continued support of faith / money preacher Jesse Du Plantis and their denounciation of Jacob Prasch when he requested they think again about having Du Plantis regularly on air has forced me to consider my own position and the position and reputation of my wife Maria and the ministries I sometimes have as guests on Prophecy Update........ As a result I have, after much heart searching and prayer, sadly decided to pull away from Revelation tv.
His full statement can be found here.

PWMI pulls out of Revelation TV

There continues to be departures of presenters and regular guests, mainly from very pro Israel organisations. This time Prophetic Witness Ministries International:

Further to my announcement last week regarding the withdrawing of their services from Revelation TV by Jacob Prasch, Bob Mitchell, Brian Gemmell, and Alan Franklin, there have been further developments.
One of our PWMI council members, Dr Paul Wilkinson, was due to appear twice on RTV last week on Simon Barrett's "Middle East Update", and indeed had already recorded the programmes with Simon for transmission.
In case you tuned in and were wondering why he did not appear, Paul's senior Pastor, Andrew Robinson, at his Hazel Grove Full Gospel Church in Stockport, decided to withdraw Paul's services from the station.
In a letter to RTV, Pastor Andrew stated that he did not want his, or Paul's ministry, to be aired on a television channel supporting Jesse Duplantis, as this was alien to their ministry. 

For further details go here.

Re-organisation after the move to Spain

Following the closure of their London studios in June 2012 programming was largely moved to Spain with office functions outsourced to a business based in Swindon called TLB Direct. TLB Direct's other clients include John Hagee Ministries and The Joseph Storehouse Trust. Des Starritt, a partner in TLB, is listed as a director of John Hagee Ministries Ltd.

Financial Issues

In June 2012 Revelation TV announced that it was running a small deficit and had been unable to pay the previous months bill for online delivery of programmes.

By May 2013 a small monthly deficit had accrued. At which point they announced they would no longer be holding their monthly on air fundraising drives called "Building the Foundation". This presumably means they will not be revealing how their financial targets have been met or where the money has come from.

Howard Conder v The Barron Knights

The founder of Revelation TV featured in an important court case in the 1960's which helped develop the doctrine of frustration of contract in English law. The case is known as "Condor [sic] v The Barron Knights Ltd", and was heard at Bedford Assizes on 19th October 1965. It can be found in Weekly Law Report [1996] 87.

A 16 year old agreed by contract to play the drums for the defendant band for 7 nights per week for 5 years. The claimant suffered a mental breakdown and was told by his doctor that he should not perform more than 4 nights per week. The band dismissed him. He brought a claim for wrongful dismissal.
The claimant's action was unsuccessful as his medical condition made it impossible for him to perform his contractual obligations and the contract was thus frustrated. (source)

This case appears in many law text books, but Conder's name is generally misspelled.

Revelation Foundation Annual Accounts to year end 31 December 2012

These have now been published and contain the following notes:

During the year, the establishment of the Revelation Association in Spain took place. This is the Spanish equivalent of a UK charity and has taken several years of legal process to be approved. The Revelation Association in Spain has been established with the same purpose and function as the Revelation Foundation in the UK. A bank account for the Revelation Association has been opened with one of Spain's leading banks.
With the showing of the Revelation TV programmes in the United States of America on the 'Roko' box, a non - profit company, Revelation TV inc., has been established. At the year end the paperwork for the approval of the non-profit was still being processed. A gift of 10,000 US dollars ofstock was given to the US Company before the year end.

In addtion to this Joel Conder, Lesley Conder and Lorna Pettie were appointed as directors of the Revelation Foundation in November 2013

Closure of Facebook Page

Revelation TV removed their facebook page during May 2014. This immediately followed four discussions:

  1. Howies Club - a club proportedly part owned by Howard Conder. He apparently denied this but someone posted a link to Spanish company records which suggested otherwise. The club has apparently been closed.
  2. The Outside Broadcast Truck - apparently this has been sold and a replacement bought with the proceeds. 
  3. An allegation that one of the trustees of the Revelation Foundation had provided investment advice to a church which had not resulted well for them.
  4. A discussion of whether CBN was funding Revelation TV through their new Spanish charity.
The Facebook page was eventually reinstated, but without the ability to post directly to the page.

Investigation by the Charity Commission

The Charity Commission, which regulates charities in the UK has started an investigation into the Revelation Foundation.

As reported by Third Sector magazine:

The regulator said it had scrutinised the charity’s accounts after it received complaints that the charity was being used for private advantage. The commission said that on further investigation it had identified a number of concerns, including the trustees’ decisions to transfer significant charitable assets and funds from the UK to Spain.
The commission said its inquiry would look at the charity’s structure, including its relationship and transactions with several commercial organisations and whether these were in the best interests of the charity.
It will also consider the following: transactions between the charity and its trustees, former trustees, individuals and companies connected to the trustees and former trustees since 2009; the administration, governance and management of the charity by the trustees with specific regard to how conflicts of interest have been dealt with and managed; the charity’s fundraising activities; and whether or not the trustees have complied with and fulfilled their duties and responsibilities under charity law.

Revelation TV has responded:

Since learning in May of the complaints the Commission has received, the Foundation has re-examined its internal processes and consulted external accountants and lawyers to ensure that it is run
according to the highest standards of integrity and care. In particular there has been no loss or misapplication of charitable funds.
We are confident that the inquiry will conclude that the concerns are entirely unfounded.
Gordon Pettie was interviewed about the investigation by Premier Christian Radio. A recording is available here.

Howard Conder also responded via a post on his Facebook page (publicly accessible here) (PDF copy).

In early December. The Revelation Foundation appealed against the Charity Commission's decision to open an investigation, but this was unsuccessful. You can read the appeal decision here.

On 17th June 2015 the Charity Commission appointed an interim manager to work with the trustees of the Revelation Foundation:
The Interim Manager is tasked with conducting a review and reporting to the commission with recommendations on the ongoing governance of the charity. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • the charity’s internal financial controls and policies
  • the charity’s current model of operation, which involves using a Spanish entity to produce and broadcast television programmes
  • the charity’s finances and accounts, including identifying the charity’s assets and producing a revised asset register
The review will also examine the charity’s relationships with a number of entities and will report on the policies and contractual arrangements that are/should be in place with them.

Q & A Roadshow

This all happened at the same time as Revelation TV were about to begin an outside broadcast tour of the UK of its "Q & A Show" with Dr Grady McMurtry. See here for details.

God vs Christianity

In May 2015 a former employee from the early days of Revelation TV started a blog explaining the background to her communication with the trustees of the Revelation Foundation. You can read the first article here.

Several other bloggers covered this including Treena Gisborn and Watchman4Wales.

Revelation TV Exposition

Someone has started a web site which looks like it will be carrying information about Revelation TV. It is called "Revelation TV Exposition" and can be found here: http://www.revelationtv.info.

Although this article is now over six years old I have not had any complaints or requests to remove it from anyone connected with Revelation TV.


  1. Very clear and I've linked to it in a Fulcrum (Anglican) comment. This is a sort of friendly channel that is yet well well outside any mainstream expression of Christianity and I think must sail close to the wind regarding OFCOM.

  2. This article has been considerably expanded and updated including additional information about the channels relations with OFCOM.

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  4. Detailed analysis and very enlightening. Always nice to know the motives of people. Especially people who happen to control media outlets, they do steer the debate afterall.

    In all honesty, until a fellow mentioned the BNP appearance, I had never heard of the organisation.

    Thanks for the comment and apologies for the lateness in reply, sadly no Royal Mail to blame, only my own lazy self.

  5. So very sad Keith and Kathy that you have been treated like this, two more very genuine Chritian viewers upset and hurt, God bless you both

  6. It is very puzzling that the resignation of Howard does not seem to have happened, let your yes be yes ?

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  8. Revelation TV has been pulled up by Ofcom again for promoting a cure for cancer.

    In their ruling Ofcom said:

    "We considered that the advocacy of GC100 as an anti-carcinogenic strategy had a clear potential to cause some members of the audience – especially vulnerable ones – very serious (and possibly life-threatening) harm."

    I have put full details of this into the article along with a link to the full ruling.

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  10. I just want to make it clear that I have never emailed, texted or phoned in to any programme on Revelation TV. I have no axe to grind at all and I have never claimed that anybody is making large amounts of money from it. I just wanted to clear that up because someone with the same surname as me has been emailing into Revelation TV making such claims. Well it isn't me and I don't hold the same opinions as that person (whoever they may be).

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  14. So a Bible word studt on 'slander' = to 'speak against', even if what is said is true. A characteristic of the devil.

  15. Hi Can i use your article unchanged and keeping it as it is? as I am doing write ups into Rev TV

    Would appreciate any help

    Miguel Hayworth

  16. It would be better to link to it as it does change occasionally.

  17. Gordon u see your saying now someone has been pretending they are u did u think u would just carry on with your abuse this is god telling u to stop befor it's too late but u carnt your new foun fame your enjoying it to much aren't u what will b will b

  18. Someone emailed this to me as they could not post it as a comment and asked me to add it:

    This has come to light which believers should know about. The details are readily available on the internet. Also why this has come about. Howard Conder named two Christians on one of his programmes as "gossipers" because the neighbourhood where their studio is based in Surbiton, London, have been questioning Revelation TV's operations while others would like to know what lies behind their charity status.
    This is what one leading newspaper said http://www.independent.co.uk/news/media/tv-radio/revelation-tv-britains-first-televangelist-station-facing-investigation-into-misuse-of-funds-9854599.html
    Other newspapers have said nearly the same thing.
    This report mentions their Spanish studio as well as their studio in Surbiton http://www.thirdsector.co.uk/charity-commission-opens-statutory-inquiry-religious-channel-revelation-tv/governance/article/1320982
    Premier Radio mentions the investigation http://www.premier.org.uk/News/UK/Revelation-TV-criticises-charity-watchdog-over-inquiry
    The directors of the TV station counteracted the allegations together with comments made by their supporters on their web site http://www.revelationtv.com/rnews/entry/announcement-relating-to-the-charity-commissions-inquiry-into-revelation-fo
    The Surbiton address house has a limited company based there called 21st Century Television Limited. These are the details of company using the house showing the full address and names of directors and secretaries on https://www.companiesintheuk.co.uk/ltd/21st-century-television The Conder surnames names are mentioned.
    At the house there are two other companies registered:-
    One can be seen here https://www.opencompany.co.uk/company/08899715/conder-vision-limited Note the names of the directors, and the Macclesfield address of Genesis TV Ltd and the Revelation Foundation. The owner of the Macclesfield property is

  19. Gordon Pettie, a partner of Revelation TV.
    The other is seen here http://www.datalog.co.uk/browse/detail.php/CompanyNumber/08980949/CompanyName/LUKE+CONDER+LTD
    Howard Conder's son is a trustee as well as his mother. Gordon and Lorna Pettie are trustees too and show their Macclesfield address as seen here on the TV's registration account http://opencharities.org/charities/1100573
    It is thought that the Pettie's moved address to live in Spain and to be near the Revelation TV studios in La Cala Mijas.
    It appears that Howard Conder is now giving support to God TV as show in the recent article from http://christianmediawatch.wordpress.com/ In reading the article, the Christian TV channels mentioned under the influence of the Word of Faith preachers, to save their empires, are now supporting one another by any means available - "birds of a feather are flocking together."
    Rory and Wendy Alec (founders of God TV ) are considered to be prophets of God. Their mentor is Benny Hinn. Rory Alec, as well as prophesying on television together with his wife Wendy, was found to be committing adultery with another woman. The cover up was " moral failure" a phrase taken from political correctness. A prophet of God? Wendy continues in this role. However, in mentioning this, this prophecy made by them and another Word of Faith celebrity, was made at the end of January 2014 for the United Kingdom http://www.god.tv/news/RevivalAlert/UK
    It is being reported that Mr Conder is not replying to the questions being raised and sent in to his television station about the station's relationship with the Word of Faith preachers and the Charity Commission's investigation.
    Just to remind the celebrities the tv station has on.These are:-
    a) Jesse Duplantis who is a Word of Faith prosperity teacher
    b) Joyce Meyer who is a multi millionaire and is a Word of Faith prosperity teacher. See this video link about her accumulated wealth gained from Christians. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ko5zkkZ0GmQ
    c) Andrew Wommack under the programme of Gospel Truth. He is a Word of Faith preacher
    d) John Hagee who is another Word of Faith preacher and is associated with Morris Cerullo, yet another prosperity teacher
    e) Sid Roth with Its Supernatural who is well known Word of Faith prophet who has embraced the infamous Todd Bentley yet Word of Faith celebrity.
    and f) RTV has programmes called Adventists in Conversation. The Seventh Day Adventist Church is considered to be a cult by many Christian leaders.
    It is understood that the investigation may take a year to complete. In the meantime what other names are going to be mentioned by Mr Conder?


  20. I have updated this article to include basic information about the Charities Commission investigation. I will write a separate comment article this evening which will appear here:

  21. The Charismatic Movement has splinter movements from within called the following
    The Restoration Movement - supposed to return their churches to that of the New Testament Church of the Bible. Nothing seen so far!
    The Dominion Movement - uses the name, claim it, and take it teaching which supposes to take towns, cities, and nations for Jesus. No evidence seen so far!
    The Apostolic Movement - having bishops, apostles, prophets, and so forth. These roles operate from within but nothing seen outside of the church system, for example, prophets and apostles meeting and warning those in authority such as in central and local government for their ungodly actions and behaviour. They don't resemble any like the prophets of the Old and New Testaments and neither do they portray the Apostles of the New Testament.
    The Word of Faith Movement - whose main teaching on television is to sow your financial seed to their preachers and organisations to receive God's blessing. Instead they fleece the flock on financial deals, accumulate wealth for themselves, and have built or bought mansions to live in, fly in their own jet aircraft/s, have their own security guards to keep people away, not to mention controlling the direction of many so called Christian TV channels.
    In removing the CASH COW that flows into Revelation TV, hence the television station allowing Word of Faith tele evangelists on the schedules, and gullible Christians who are sending in their donations, RTV would not survive.
    It is the same with God TV and other well known channels.
    When Word of Faith celebrities are seen encouraging their followers to worship angels as seen with this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIUOwfBEYfk Then later denying what happened later as seen here on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3imM51qWz0 it is no wonder there is so much confusion going on in the Church.
    Now what has emerged is that what was hidden is now being revealed and what is considered to be called "revival" the reality is that there is a "falling away" whereby Truth has been replaced by error.
    There is DECEPTION in the Church and has become big time. The warning is there for all to see when those who are serving the broad church are turning away people from the straight and narrow. Anything now goes to get bums on seats in the 21st century church now being modernised!