Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Unraveling of Christianity #3 - Prayer Does Not Work.

"Prayer does not work. There is no objective evidence for believing that prayer makes any difference to any situation. If God appears to answer peoples prayers it is either coincidence; the likelihood of that outcome happening was quite high anyway; or that God answered the prayer by saying no or wait (which is another way of saying he did not answer the prayer)."

This video shows how sane rational people can believe that prayers are answered when their own experience is that they are not.

The secret is that God can answer with three possible answers yes, no or wait which means that he could answer by saying "its not the right time" which gives people the impression the prayer has been answered when the request has not been.

Its worth persevering with this video because it makes a very important point:

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  1. What would you say, if I told you about my friend who was dying due to asbestos in the lungs, (Mesothelioma).

    He attended a meeting where the speaker, (an american evalngeist) who did not know him from Adam, pointed him out and said, "God wants to heal you of asbestos poisoning in your lungs!"

    He then prayed for Robert.

    Well, that was 17 years ago. Robert is still going strong.

    He had several Doctors originally diagnose his problem and his industrial disease claim was being processed. Even his ex-employers were convinced by the diagnosis.

    The same doctors afterward gave Robert a clean bill of health and could not explain the 'miracle.' One Doctor said it must be a miracle.