Friday, November 16, 2007

Why I do not think Peter Tobin is Bible John

Although Tobin looks a bit like this newspaper artists impression from the time of the Bible John killings:

He does not look like the official police photofit:

In fact, witnesses at the time thought the suspect was tall with red hair. Tobin was short with brown hair.

The killer quoted from the bible and spoke about a religious upbringing:
In the taxi, John spoke politely about his religious upbringing, quoting at ease from the Bible."I don't drink at Hogmanay," he said, "I pray." (Full Article)

This suggests it was someone from a protestant rather than catholic background. Catholics in Scotland did not routinely study the bible until after Vatican II and even then it only became common in the 1970's. However, the police have said recently that this aspect is more of a media creation and the witness who had reported it had described it as a passing comment not a repeated subject of conversation.

Tobin's age at the time of the first Bible John murder was 22 which is within the age range of the suspect.

The current police position on the Bible John killings seems to be that they were probably carried out by different people and they are all separate crimes. This is why they have been reticent to speak about any potential connection with Tobin and could explain why the photofit and the artists impression are so different. They may be of entirely different people.

Apparently there is DNA evidence from one of the crime scenes so the Police may be able to settle this question finally.


  1. Peter Tobin looks more like the police photofit in the Crimewatch picture of him here:

  2. My concern is that the artists impression was done by a newspaper, not by the police. The police photo fit of Bible John was made up with information from various direct witnesses and should therefore be more accurate.

    Given that there is DNA evidence in the Bible John case its surprising that Tobin has not been implicated yet given that his DNA was put on the national database when he was arrested for the murder of Angelina Kluk.

    This either means they have not looked yet or they have not found a match. If they had looked and found a match the news would have leaked out by now.

  3. I don't think Tobin is Bible John. He would have been to young according to the witness description. Tobin is interested in young woman/girls whereas the Barrowland victims were in their mid to late twenties and thirties.
    I have also read many times that the "Bible quotation" evidence has been blown out of all proportion from what actually happened.

  4. I think Tobin is Bible John. Here's why:

    - Tobin used many ailliases throughout his life, including 'Sempleson' or 'Templeton'; a name used by Bible John. What are the chances of two seperate serial killers using the same uncommon name in false circumstances?
    - An age progression photograph of what Tobin would/could have looked like in his twenties has recently been released. It shows striking similarities to the police photofit of Bible John, more similarities to the artist's impression.
    - The description is often said to be different from Tobin's, but remeber the lady who gave the most famous and most frequently quoted description was drunk during the time she spent with Bible John. She recalled him as being tall (over 6ft) and having red hair, meanwhile the door staff, who were sober, said he was shorter, with brown hair. That is a lot closer to Tobin.
    - Bible John was said to be very easy to talk to, something Tobin must've been to lure his victims into his trap.
    - Tobin's ex-wives both reported that his violence got worse when they were on their period, and all of Bible John's victims were menustrating at the time of their death.
    - Tobin was in Glasgow at the time of the murders, and moved to the south of England in '69, when the killings stopped.
    - Tobin even met his first wife in the Barrowland ballroom!
    - He was brought up as a Catholic, which may be where Bible John's references to the Bible originated from. He also used to seek refuge in churches and church communities when he moved areas.
    - A woman was also raped, alledgedly by Tobin after dancing at the Barrowland in the seventies.
    - His last murder, Angelica Kluk was right in the heart of Bible John territory.
    - Finally, it was reported that Bible John had a missing upper tooth. Simply type into Google images Peter Tobin, and look at the results. I've found two pictures (one he is holding a cat) that show his mouth open. Is there a tooth missing? You tell me, but I'd definately say there is.

    Do any of these coinsidences alone make Peter Tobin the infamous and illusive 'Bible John'. No, but there's too many common factors for me.

    1. Good point. I do think there is a lot more than we know, and the chances of Peter Tobin being Bible John are actually considerable, and far too many to be ignored.

    2. Good point. I do think there is a lot more than we know, and the chances of Peter Tobin being Bible John are actually considerable, and far too many to be ignored.

  5. My understanding is that the DNA evidence from one of the murders was not a match for Tobin. However, I will need to look this up. Tobin has had some sort of heart see recently and has been in hospital. I suspect he does not have long to go.

  6. No he doesn't. When he's gone,we will probably never know the true extent of his crimes, in terms of severity of violence, and in terms of sheer numbers. I've not heard that he's been ruled out due to DNA, but he might've been.

  7. He has not been ruled out on DNA evidence, that comment is incorrect and somewhat misleading. DNA evidence helped rule out a previous suspect, not Peter Tobin. Police believe proving a DNA match to the Bible John murders would be unlikely nowadays, due to degradation of the original DNA samples.

    Dental records have shown Tobin had a tooth in the upper-right area of his mouth removed in the 60s, matching the description given of Bible John.

    My personal opinion is that Tobin and Bible John are indeed one and the same.