Sunday, March 11, 2007

Definition of "breakthrough" as used by Christians

Definitions and criticism of some teachings found in the "word faith" movement.

This is the idea promoted by preachers alligned with the word faith movement that suggests that your life is held back by something. If you can overcome whatever this is you will suddenly become closer to God and all aspects of your life will immediately get better. The most common areas this is linked to are finances (that you do not have enough money) or some form of suffering (relationship problems or physical illness) or that your immediate family are not "saved". The overcoming usually involves some act of faith, often giving money to the ministry of the person suggesting you are going to get a breakthrough.

The main difficulty with the idea of "breakthrough" is that nowhere in the bible are we promised trouble free lives. If we were then there would be no need for all the teaching on suffering and hope. It also suggests that those not experiencing a breakthrough are deficient in their faith or their relationship with God is not at the right level (see "another level").