Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Dedridge Baptist Church Livingston

Information about Dedridge Baptist Church in Livingston, West Lothian.

See article about my churchgoing in Livingston here.


  1. Came across your blog re Dedridge Baptist Church. I am a member of the church and was interested in your description of the service you attended. I often find the evening services difficult to justify in terms of purpose, (I sometimes attend as I have technical responsibilities). Some people seem to appreciate them. In a weak defence I would recommend that you try a morning service which is normally more lively, with a range of ages and activities.(less like a mystery bereavement).
    I was interested in your previuos comments on the purpose/value of worship. I agree that it should motivated from love and not duty but also that worship in the bible is not about a meeting, it is about giving our whole 24/7 lives to God. The Sunday worship is about chrsitians meeting together as the church and this unity should also be expressed in other ways and times. The other purpose of the church is to be a place of service motivated by love of God, but to the community around us. That's why I attend and take part in "Church" while trying to cope with its many failings.
    I have found the most fulfilling thing about christianity not to be about worship times but to be about giving myself in some way to serve God. I find this easier to say than do !

  2. I have just read your entry on Dedridge Baptist Church and I was really surprised. I have been attending the Church weekly for the past year but I can still remember that when I first attended I was amazed by how friendly and welcoming the people were. I was welcomed into the Church with open arms so I must disagree with you that our Church is run like a ‘private club’ rather than a Church.

    Of course, that is not to say that you did not have a ‘lower’ experience. But I would agree with Colin that you should attend the morning service (starts at 11am) before judging as too badly. The evening service is usually a bit quieter and attended by less people. That is not to say you should not have been welcomed, but with all due respect, you did walk in during the middle of communion. You can’t expect people to jump out of their chairs whilst in the middle of prayer and I’m sure you would have disliked that even less!

    So I am sorry you had a bad experience but come along to the morning service one day. Our Church is not perfect (none are) but you will certainly not find it ‘boring or depressing’!

  3. I think the content of this post ended up in another blog entry about west lothian churches. I went to the church on and off for about six months and found other people to be quite suspicious about my lifestyle, not very welcoming and generally stand offish.
    The older members were more friendly than the people of my own age.

    Yes, we worship God 24/7 in our daily lives but a church is meant to be a community of believers not just a list of random people who go to the same building every week.