Monday, November 3, 2014

Is Virgin Galactic really about cutting edge space exploration?

I had not thought about this until the crash this week, but a lot of the news coverage has focused on how cutting edge the Virgin Galactic programme is and how dangerous space exploration is.

However, we have been going into space for over fifty years. A quick comparison of Virgin Galactic with the US Mercury space programme (Project Mercury) makes interesting reading.

Project Mercury
1959-1963 (4 years)
7 successful launches into space
7 astronauts
161-280 km max height
0 deaths
$0.4bn cost (at 2014 values)

Virgin Galactic
2004- (10 years at least)
0 successful launches into space
0 astronauts
100 km max height (planned - just enough to count as leaving the earth's atmosphere)
4 deaths
$1.73bn cost (at 2014 values)

We were sending people into space over fifty years ago so going into space is not cutting edge. Reusable spacecraft were pioneered 25 years ago with the space shuttle. It seems to me that if Virgin Galactic is an experiment, then it is an experiment in economics rather than in space exploration. Its about how money can be made from space rather than how we get there or why we should be going.

Friday, October 17, 2014

And now, for some light relief, here are some celebrity chefs with their arms folded.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Letter received from Storefirst's solicitors

On the 29th of September I published an article asking if anyone had any experience of investing in Storefirst and whether the company had broken their lease agreement after two years.

Storefirst's solicitors have written to me asking me to remove the article.

You can view their letter here (the lawyers direct dial and email have been removed).